what is Chreetzmas?

My name is Emily Reetz- a half elf / half Appletonian Christmas fanatic, wholly dedicated to spreading holiday joy. That’s right. Joy. Christmas is so much more than the the mass marketed, consumerist, mumbo jumbo that stresses people out and gives the holiday a bad rap. I happen to believe It is what you make it. In fact, I dedicate every November and December to excessively celebrating with my family and family of friends.

Celebrating what?

The big shebang, the golden ticket, the package deal- Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years, of course!

Thanksgiving rings in my holiday season with a celebration of gratefulness- for shelter, food, and people to share it with. The Christmas tradition inspires reflection on the passing year. Seemingly meaningless acts like baking and decorating  and parties and gifts aren’t the point of Christmas, just a part of it. While the traditions remain the same, ourselves and our situations evolve. The people we celebrate Christmas with, through gatherings and giving, expressing love and gratitude, remind us that human connection is what’s most important as we bring the year to a close. After Thanksgiving and Christmas comes New Years, the flip side of the  coin- a celebration of new beginnings, resolutions, a fresh chapter, better times to come.

I hope this blog inspires you to jump on the sleigh and celebrate too.

Chreetzmas = Christmas, my way.

Own your holiday.

2 responses to “what is Chreetzmas?

  1. because of your comment regarding Amy’s beautiful wrappings and jump on the Holiday (FB) I learned of your Chreetzmas! This is so awesome Emily…you totally nailed it Christmas isn’t about shopping….etc. it’s what you make it and who you spend it with. Thanks for the little inspiration today I’ll be sure to tune in throughout the holiday! Wouldn’t that cute present Amy wrapped be sweet under one of our trees? 🙂 We can only hope! I hope you and your sweet family are all doing well!

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