Christmas at the Cabin


I was blessed with a bit of Christmas magic this past weekend. On a last minute whim, we decided to drive up north Friday night. During the two hour dark car ride, we sang Christmas carols aloud with the kids between answering their “Are we there yet?” questions. (There is no sound sweeter than music from the mouths of babes, especially Christmas music.) When we finally arrived to the Reetz family cabin, on a little lake nestled deep in the woods, we lit the wood stove and made ourselves cozy.

That night, I woke a few times to nurse Fern. At some point, I recall glancing out our bedroom window. I thought I saw snow covering the ground, reflecting the moon’s glow onto the forest, but quickly dismissed the vision as a half asleep dream and fell back asleep. Hours later, when Maple crawled into our bed in the morning, she announced with excitement that it had indeed snowed! The scene out our window was absolutely beautiful in the early morning’s dim light. It was just inches, but enough to cover everything in sight. A winter wonderland. Christmas snow, just for us.

We went out to explore right away. Maple made her first snow angel of the year. Matt took the kids on four wheeler rides. Between outings into the woods, we ate hearty meals, watched Christmas movies, did crafts, and played games. It was a weekend filled with holiday spirit, memory making, and like I said, Christmas magic.







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