decorating day 2012

This past Sunday, we celebrated Christmas Decorating Day- one of my favorite traditions passed along from my childhood. We graze all day on a rotating buffet of food and snacks while we merrily “deck the halls” together. My kids, being one and three years old, don’t remember what’s in our decoration bins yet, so each year has been excitedly fresh- like the first time they’ve laid eyes on the stuff inside. Maple got right to work arranging figurines and picture frames on the mantle, only taking a break from her (very serious) work to help her dad make some puppy chow. North camped out at the table most the day, gorging himself on sliced venison summer sausage. He’s not at all concerned about gaining some holiday pounds or helping decorate. While the kids napped, Matt and I cleaned the summer time furniture off the front porch and hung our outdoor lights. We didn’t tell the kids about them until after dark, then whisked them outside to see “a Christmas surprise”. As we were huddled together in a warm November drizzle, Matt and I looked to the kids so not to miss their reaction, then back at each other. Both of their eyes were wide with awe as they gazed at our home all lit up from the sidewalk. [magical silence] Afterwards, we presented them with  “The First Gift of Christmas” Holiday PJs! Sleep tight, readers. Now that the Reetz residence is decorated, the season officially begins!

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