Friendsgiving 2012

There’s nothing like sharing a meal with friends. For the second year, our dear lovely Erin gathered a small group of chums in her dining room to share in a Thanksgiving feast. Of course, the food was delicious, and the company more than delightful. The faces around the table have become familiar friends over the past year, as we have become more interwoven into one another’s lives. Before partaking in the meal, we stood and held hands round the table while Erin read a few words to set up the evening. Call me cheesy, but I’m all about group hand holding… “Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another, we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that isn’t ours for long.” … While eating and drinking filled our bellies, laughter fed our spirits thanks to Paul’s perfect “Would You Rather” questions. The mood of the evening was jovial and celebratory. Between courses, we took a brisk night walk around the charming Erb Park neighborhood to clear room for decedent desserts- RumChata cupcakes and pecan pie. Mmmm. Friendsgiving. This has become one of my favorite new holiday traditions. Thank you, Erin, for bringing us together.

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