Psudo Christmas Movies

Ah, November! Now begins the official month-long prelude to my favorite month, December! Time to watch some of my favorite psudo-Christmas movies. They’ll fill you with just enough holiday spirit to get warmed up for the holiday season, without making you feel like you’re jumping the gun on watching real Christmas movies too soon! Enjoy:

-Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (more of a psudo-Thanksgiving movie) Who doesn’t love a little John Candy in their life?




-Grumpy Old Men

– While You Were Sleeping


-Edward Scissorhands


-You’ve got Mail


-Bridget Jones’ Diary


Do you think Die Hard should make this list? Hm…

2 responses to “Psudo Christmas Movies

  1. I like to think Little Women is a pseudo Christmas movei as well. I might even call it a Christmas movie.

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