the first gift of Christmas

A totally unexpected package arrived a day or so before Halloween. Curiously, as my fingers tore away the brown paper packaging, I peeked inside. Aha! Jingle bells fluttered within me. Excited as I was, I contained my anticipation enough to only remove two Halloween cards meant for the kids. I couldn’t risk anything taking me out of the Halloween mood I had been building up, so I set the rest aside, still in the package. Waiting for today. And here it is! The first gift of Christmas.

From my dear Nana, who resides in the winter wonderland known as the U.P. An Old Fashioned Christmas is a book all about the glory days of American Christmas- the 30s, 40s, 50s. It’s full of nostalgic black and white photos, fun facts, and fanciful tales. She wrote this inside the front cover:

To Emily who loves Christmas- Stories of Christmas long ago- Very similar to my Christmas as a child. Hope you enjoy! Love you, Nana

Yes, Nana. I have already enjoyed it very much, and look forward to evenings sipping tea and listening to Christmas music, perusing it’s pages. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There’s nothing like a first gift of Christmas.

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