Happy Holiday Season!

Thank you for all the messages and texts today concerning the kick off of my favorite season! It warms my heart to know that I’m well surrounded with kindred spirits near and far, as we begin the celebration of my most loved holiday!

In fact, I was planning on stifling my excitement for a week or so, so not to confuse my kids and to give due space and respect to our very memorable Halloween. But… This morning’s breakfast table conversation went just like this. No lie:

Maple – So Mom, Hawwoween’s over now. Chwifmas is next!

Me – That’s right. And Thanksgiving too.

Maple – So, we’ve got to get dese Hawwoween decowations down. Let’s wisten to Wudolf music. I’ll get my jingle bewws and shake dem. We can go swedding, and eat cookies, and Santa can come over. I wike Santa. And Mrs. Claus. Dey wide in a sweigh with dose fings that pull it. Deer. What kind of deer, mama?

Me– Rein deer.

Maple – Yep. Weindeer. I’m so exciting for Weindeer. And wrapping presents.

Me – Me too, baby. Me too.

I swear I haven’t mentioned Christmas to her at all yet this season. I had been trying to remain calm, but she pushed my claus-o-meter to high already. Bless her heart. Sounds to me like this might be the most magical Christmas yet!

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