Ornaments from an Aunt by Erin “ee” Chisel

Dear Milanio, Ella Bella, O-dubs, Poo Poos, Bennett, Jay-Jay, Beanie, Ava Bug, Owie, Buddha Boo, Connor Bonnor, Ro Jo, Maple, Drew Drew Bee, Babienne, North, and New Baby:

When I was a little girl, one gift I knew I’d receive every Christmas was an ornament from my aunt. Some years, it was wrapped as a small package of its own; other years it was tied by a ribbon to the top of another gift. Either way, I always looked forward to seeing what kind of ornament I would get. She gave me ornaments ranging from sparkly stars to Santa-hat-wearing puppies, from fuzzy polar bears to friendship doves (I believe I acquired this particular ornament circa 1992; you’ll learn why someday…). After receiving one ornament every Christmas for many years, my aunt has helped me build quite the collection. Now, each year, my tree is adorned with these treasures. As I hang these gifts on branch after branch, I always think of my aunt. Without her, and my boxes full of ornaments, my tree would be quite bare. I love that she started this tradition, and, as an auntie myself now, I am committed to keeping it up. Over the past few years, many of you have gotten ornaments from me already, and as each Christmas approaches, I’m so glad my list of recipients continues to grow. Whether I’m your aunt by family or friendship, whether we live near or far, whether we see each other every day or not often enough, I love each of you with every ounce in me. So Merry Christmas my little dears….. now go check your mailboxes.

your ee

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