The Taste of Christmas

Celebrating the holidays is a whole-body experience. Just as my eyes crave the dazzle and my ears crave the music, of course, my taste buds crave the sweet treats of Christmas. There are a few December delicacies I simply cannot go without.

1. Grandpa’s fudge. It’s not Door County fudge. It’s not Minocqua fudge. It’s made exclusively by my grandpa, the ultimate man of the northwoods. Only one square inch of this stuff delivers a noticeable sugar buzz. Two square inches, you’ve got shakey hands. Three square inches, a headache. Any more than that would be just plain hazardous. Its a good thing I only get it once a year. Maybe that’s what makes it so special.

2. Merry Maker Cookies. These are the cutout cookies my family has been making my whole life. Light and fluffy, more soft than crunchy, and topped with only the richest powdered sugar perfect frosting.

3. Nana’s Popcorn Balls. They’re tough on the teeth, even harder to make, and oh so good. I have no idea how she does it. For years now, I’ve tried to help my Nana create these perfect little balls of corn and corn syrup. Every year, it seems I fail more miserably than the last. I’ve finally accepted that my job is only to wrap them in  green cling-plastic and tie them with yarn.

4. Amy’s Candied Pecans. A new Christmsas classic. His mouth watering and hearts in his eyes, Reetz greets Amy Beck into our holiday home, always hoping that she’s brought us a bowl of candied pecans. These delicious little desserts are dangerously addicting, and have joined the ranks of Christmas greats.

5. Rusty’s Granola. For days after Rusty visits, we’ve got crumbles of oats and cranberries stuck to our socks. We’re crazy for his signature crunchy Christmas granola bars. Last year, I think Maple ate an entire pan behind our backs. Good thing these are kind of, sort of “holiday healthy”.

What are your favorite festive sweet treats?

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