Tree Party 2011

I’m not usually one to brag, but I have to admit- the most beautiful Christmas Tree in the world stands tall in our living room every year. This year, Maple found it in the tree lot at Flowerama. It was the first one she saw, and she chose it with confidence. Its a little shorter than we’ve had in the past, but she couldn’t be convinced to shop around. “No Mama. This one. I found it.” Turns out, she was right.

It has become one of our favorite traditions to gather with our dearest friends on Black Friday for an evening of decorating a Reetz family evergreen. Of course, we merrily eat and drink while working away, packing each branch with ornaments until the whole tree adopts a familiar droopy stature. This holiday evening wouldn’t be complete without an intense but friendly competitive cookie decorating contest, a cheesey group photo, and a song sung in unison. This was North’s first Tree Party, and Maple’s third. He was in and out of sleep all night, calm as always, grinning as he was passed between guests. She partied hard, ate tons of frosting, and finally passed out just as the night was winding down.

Our tree is decorated with love. Thank you, dear friends, for making these memories. We hope they are as special to you as they are to us.

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