One Wonderful Week

The holiday spirits are high around the Reetz residence. Last week was full of festivities, which has us laying low this week (by the light of our Christmas tree!)

Here is a review of some of our most recent holiday highlights.

Monday, we made Christmas cut out cookies together. Anything with a two year old tends at take at least twice as long as it should. This adventure was no different, which we didn’t mind a bit. More fun time to be had.

Tuesday, we went to the Christmas Parade downtown Appleton. The kids and I arrived two hours early to secure a prime viewing spot. Reetz joined us after school, as did the Whitlinger family and the Becks. Maple enjoyed every bit, from reading books and running around the in empty street prior to the parade to Santa himself. North slept through all but the last half hour, snug as a bug slung next to me.

Thursday, I was in the good company of my family up in the northwoods of Wisconsin. We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV- just another thing that gets me pumped up for Christmas. Of course, we watched the Packer game too and ate turkey. Way too much turkey… 🙂


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