The Secret of Gifting by Audre Rae

October 13th 2011 text from Emily Reetz: “In doing my research for the chreetzmas blog, I’ve had many requests for a gift giving entry. I’m not a great gifter myself, so I’m wondering if you’d be willing to lend a hand. Would you like to be a guest writer this year about great gift giving?”

October 13th and this lovely women is planning this blog for all of us to get in the spirit for the holidays – from that day to the present day I have been thinking of Christmas trees, wrapping paper and planning all of my gifts for the year. I felt like I really had to up my game this year, now that I’m pegged as “a great gift giver” it’s an intimidating name to have, what if I fail this year? What if I make lame gifts, thrift the wrong size or panic all together and just give gift cards? All of these thoughts fill my head as I’ve prepared myself to write this blog so needless to say; I got nervous.

I tried to think of ‘my secret’ of gift giving, and really I guess my secret would have to be, listening.  “What? That’s it? Just listen? What kind of advice is that?” Okay listen, meaning when your boyfriend says, “I would love Laurie Anderson: Bright Red on Vinyl.” Take note, and search it later to find out that she didn’t put out Bright Red on Vinyl (this is a true story, and if I’m mistaken let me know).  “I want to steal that scarf from your neck.” So I just made her one with the same yarn.  I don’t have a secret really, I just write myself a lot of notes. I have a Christmas list on my phone, in a notebook and on my computer and when I think of something good for someone, I write/type it down.

So if I had to give you homework, it’s take a moment and write down the folks you will be shopping for this year and whenever something pops in your head, write it down – that doesn’t mean that is what you should get them, but I promise you will be inspired to find gifts this year that the people will actually want – you will listen.


Until next time,

Audre Rae.

One response to “The Secret of Gifting by Audre Rae

  1. I love what you’ve shared Audre, I do the same! I’m writing down, recording my thoughts, and jotting something somewhere, always. It works for me too.

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