Decorating Day 2011

Once again, our home feels as magical as Santa’s workshop itself. We spent Saturday decking the halls with all sorts of boughs of holly and knick knacks and what nots and tinsel and peppermint. Reetz’s pro pancake skills started our morning off on the right foot. With bellies full of our favorite breakfast, we started a nine and a half hour decorating job, pausing for my favorite holiday snacks along the way- deviled eggs, sausage, and sweet potato chips. For Maple, each bin brought down from the rafters held new and spectacular Christmas treasures. She literally dove wholeheartedly into each one. Of course, Reetz saved us a buck by rigging up some makeshift extension cords when we ran low. Decoreetzing with Maple the toddler and newbie North was every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped it be. We even left enough time to squeeze in some Christmas cuddling while watching Rudolf before bed. Oh joy!

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