A New Kind of Christmas

After “playing Santa”, Christmas Eve 2010

Like it is for most children, the merry miracle of Christmas was carefully crafted for me by my family. My mother presented it to me as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” with spectacular and sincere zest. The spirit of of the season she so successfully ignited in my youthful heart has never burnt out. I’ve loved everything about the holidays for as long as I can remember. I love the sweet treats, classic carols, gift giving, and decorating- but most of all, I love spreading Christmas cheer.

I’ve considered it my personal reetzsponsibility, as a lover of Christmas, to fill others with the warmth of the Christmas spirit I know so well- in both small ways and big ways, through shared excitement, gifts, prayers, or invitations to celebrate with us. Between childhood and parenthood, this is what Christmas has been about.

Now I am a grown up and a mother of two. I’m coming to realize that parenthood is changing Christmas for me. I used to look forward to our annual party, always on the 26th, more than “the big day” itself. That feeling of “Christmas Complete” was found in the smiles on our friend’s faces, crowding together in our overdecorated home- the grand finale.  Nothing used to warm my heart the same way, until now.

This year, Christmas is for the kiddos. As our family has grown, my fervor has refocused. Hot glue guns and big bashes are being replaced with glue sticks and smaller family type gatherings. Christmas morning has made a triumphant return to my life as the most anticipated event of the year.  I’m excited to share my favorite traditions with Maple and North along the way- frosting cookies, watching 60s claymation flicks, crafting gifts, singing songs, making cards, decoreetzing, throwing parties, spreading cheer, etc. etc. etc… They have true wide eyed wonder, and so much to experience. They are making this holiday better than ever already.

Matt nailed it when he said, “Jeez, I feel like I’m getting a SEGA GENESIS for Christmas. I haven’t been this excited since I was a kid!”

2 responses to “A New Kind of Christmas

  1. Over on Randall Street, we’ve already logged in three viewings of “Rudolph.” Let me know if you and Maple ever want to join us for one. Emme can’t get enough of it…

    • Duh! We’ve watching it once this season… Let us know next time you are watching it, and we’ll pop over in 10 minutes notice!

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