Merry Motherhood

I think I might be coming down with something serious. I’ve never felt this way before. Any other year, I would have been sneaking Christmas music in early September. By the second of November, I would have had my entire house holidazzling. This year, however, I’m easing my way into Christmas, intentionally leaving five day gap between Halloween and holiday decorating. What!?

I think motherhood is getting the best of me. I’ll explain:

My two year old Maple made Halloween special again. Because of her, we really did it this year. I mean, we really celebrated. We made caramel apples, threw a little party, watched scary movies, sang spooky songs, crafted glittery bat decorations, visited a pumpkin patch, carved jack-o-lanterns, had lengthy costume discussions, dressed up, trick or treated, and went to bed with belly aches. It was all so much fun that it took me a whole entire day to come down from my Halloween high. Now that October 31st is such a big deal, I can’t be confusing poor little Maple by starting Christmas so suddenly as I used to. Each holiday is great in its own right, (Christmas is greatest, of course), and each deserves a proper buildup and let down. Decoreetzing is scheduled for Saturday. By then, Miss Maple will be completely over Halloween and ready for full fledged family Christmasing. I’ve been borrowing Christmas themed books from the library for her since August, in preparation for the celebration.

While I am practicing mild restraint as a merry mother, there’s been no lack of Christmas spirit building up. On the first day of Christmas, we went out for breakfast and sealed/stamped some Christmas letters to be mailed. Maple eagerly did all the work with her tiny fingers, like a good little Christmas elf should.  This morning, she and I baked Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Almond Muffins to make the house smell like Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. We also listened to holiday tunes while browsing through pictures of last Christmas.  Then, Reetz and I spent this evening childless, chipping away at our gifting list. We are around 45% done with our holiday shopping already. Nothing makes me feel more Christmassy than thinking of others…

I love Christmas 2011 so much already, and we’ve only just begun!

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