On the subject of Santa…

I hate to admit it, but someone has to.

Our Fox River Mall Santa is getting old. Too old. In fact, he’s looking a little sickly. No longer “the rosy cheeked right jolly old elf” American dreams are made of. His beard hair is thinning, it doesn’t curl or shine. He barely has enough spirit in him to muster up a “ho ho ho” or a convincing smile. Even Maple, a “professional people lover”, had a hard time warming up during yesterday’s visit.

Sir, you’re an Appleton classic. You’ve had a good run, which is why, in all due respect, I’m suggesting that 2010 might be a good year to hang it up. Maybe you’ve got a younger brother, cousin, and son you could pass the baton onto. Perhaps someone who looks a little more, (dare I say it?), Hollywood?

4 responses to “On the subject of Santa…

  1. I must agree with you Em. I had the kids pictures taken with him this year too and noticed that the twinkle was missing. There was no line at all either and that was pretty telling too- considering it was the Sunday after Thanksgving.

  2. Oh no!! I didn’t really notice that till I looked at him good in the picture, you could be right!! I just looked at Maple when I looked at the picture, after all, that’s who I really care about!!;) Well have to give him credit, he’s surely been a great Santa for a loooong time!!

  3. I disagree!!! He’d better not retire until I can plop my own kid in his lap. He gets paid enough to come here and play the part, so maybe he just needs a little Santa-pampering & some extra-jolly holiday spirit.
    We’ve had the same Santa in Appleton since I was Maple’s age, he’d better not quit now. I’d be so heartbroken.

    • I’m afraid that by the time your kid gets to sit on Santa’s lap, they’ll be too creeped out to appreciate his legacy. All good things must come to an end.

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