I’m dreaming of…

This winter’s first real snowfall has my head in a fanciful flurry. I’m dreaming of a… family vacation!

There’s a trip I’m planning for about thirteen years in the future. Hopefully we Reetzs will be living above the poverty level by then, with three tween/preteen kids.

Here’s my dream: We’ll surprise our bratty adolescent children with a flight to New York City, the Christmas Capitol of America. The Drake hotel will be our home for one week. We’ll be curbside on 34th street Thanksgiving morning, experiencing the always epic Macy Day Parade. The next day, we’ll see the Radio City Rockettes perform their Christmas Spectacular. We’ll ice skate at Rockefeller Center, under the glow of that beautiful tree. Of course, we’ll take a horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park. We’ll window shop, and hit up legendary toy stores, eat pizza by the slice, and meet up with our dear old friend Harry.  Maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to get robbed by some “sticky bandits”.

It’ll be a merry magical family adventure. One I’ve wanted to take ever since I can remember. So far, Reetz is on board, as long as the festive finances are available. Aaahh… I sure hope my offspring love this idea as much as I do.

2 responses to “I’m dreaming of…

  1. Emily, this sounds very Magical, and some day I too would love to spend a holiday in New York City, Ice Skating and window shopping.

    all you got to do is have a jar and start putting your change in it , and 13 years of your change will give you a nice start to your dream.

    And any offspring would love this vacation – so no troubles there.

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