Holiday Party Ideas

So many parties! Such little time! 

1. Ugly Sweater Party. Enough said.

2. Round Robin
This one’s a classic. Right about now, Goodwill is stocked with hundreds of ugly Christmas sweaters, turtlenecks, and vests, just waiting for a chance to be worn to a party like this. Be sure to keep the house a little cooler than normal, since everyone will be dressed so warm. Definitely have your guests vote on the best, ugliest, or funniest sweater, and have prizes available for the winners.

Also known as a Progressive Dinner Party, this gathering requires a bit of organization and teamwork. We attended our first party of this kind last year. It was absolutely delightful. Appetizers at one friend’s house, Soup as a main course at another, Dessert at the third home, and Festive Drinks at the last friend’s house. I’m sure someone had a plan for approximately how long we’d be staying for each course, but I didn’t even notice because I was having so much fun. Choose friends who live in close proximity to one another to reduce travel time and coordinate what you’ll be serving. I think this party is best with about 15 or so guests.

3. Tree Decorating Party

This party works best for a person with a huge ornament collection. Every year after we get our tree, we invite a small intimate group of friends over to decorate it with us. I always pack my ornaments away in many small boxes, and hand one to each guest for adorning our tree with. This is a great time to toast toast the beginning of the season. If you have limited space, like me, consider having different holiday activities going simultaneously in different rooms. Last year, we had a cookie decorating contest going on in the kitchen and tree ornamenting in the living room. Guests leisurely flowed between the rooms, merry mingling all the while.

4. Christmas Karaoke Party

Even though I’ve never thrown one of these parties, or been invited to one, or even heard of one, I still think its a great idea. Among the right group of friends, with the right Christmas cocktails, busting a lung to some Run Run Rudolf could be a hoot. Am I right?

5. Merry Movie Night

Invite your friends over to vote on their favorite festive flick, then hit the couch for some quality Christmas cuddle time. Be sure to make lots of popcorn or incorporate my next party idea into the evening as well….

6. Cookie Swap

Easy and delicious. Invite your guests to bring a batch of their favorite secret recipe cookies to share with the bunch. When everyone has successfully achieved both a sugar high and belly ache, hold a vote for the most delicious or more unique cookies. Of course, award a prize to the winner and runner up- perhaps a commemorative ornament shaped like a gingerbread man.


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