Used Christmas

It’s a sad secret we try to ignore… Christmas is not Green. Many families continue to purchase artificial trees, produced in Asia with chemicals and plastics that never break down. The beautiful decorations that line the seasonal aisles at our favorite department stores are also made overseas of toxic non biodegradable materials. Most toys and presents are made in China, by earth-hurtful methods of manufacturing, then are excessively packaged up and shipped overseas to stock our store shelves. We purchase these goods and further wrap them in paper, that doesn’t usually get recycled in the frenzy of Christmas morning. Sheish! This holiday can have us so focused on New and Shiny that we forget to give sweet ‘ole mother earth a holiday break.

While I definitely don’t suggest giving up Christmas, I do suggest being a little more mindful about it…

How about buying second hand? This time of year, Thrift Stores are stocked to the brims with unique home decorations. Because they were only enjoyed but once a year their whole life, these one of a kind items are usually very gently used. And cheap! When you deck the halls with thrifted goods, you have the peace of mind that you didn’t directly support overseas manufacturing or shipping pollution, but saved a little something from ending up in a landfill. If you are allergic to real trees, go ahead a buy a USED artificial one- always low-priced at second hand shops and on craigslist. What about gifts? My friend Audre is the queen mother of thrift gifts. Always fashion savvy, she has an incredible eye for special, unconventional giving. I always value the books, coffee mugs, clothing, and jewelry she finds for us Reetzs. Don’t forget Ebay! Your kids will not know the difference between gently used toys and brand new ones. Perhaps Christmas is a great time to teach them an eco-lesson about the dangers of excess and value of reusing.


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