Holiday Party Rules

IMG_1836One of the most important and definitely most merry things to do at Christmas time is PARTY. Gather with friends and family to celebrate the love you share. Such memories are priceless, better than any gift could be. This is why I’ve put together a list of holiday ideas for your partying pleasure.

But first, there are a few basic rules to follow when throwing Christmas Parties.

a) Name your party something epic. I always like to use The Reetz Family _____.

b) Always MAIL real invitations. Facebook events are okay for summer bbqs, but not for Christmas.

c) Invite at least one guest who doesn’t like Christmas. Spreading cheer to those who need it most is what its all about.

d) Gather everyone for a group picture at some point. Guests may groan about this but they secretly love it and will treasure these group photos in a few years.

e) Gift each guest with a home-made commemorative ornament to remember the party by.


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