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Christmas Tree Themes

When do you start thinking about how you will trim your Christmas tree?  Do you even think about it at all or do you just string up the lights willy-nilly and hang every single ornament you own?  The retail industry starts thinking about how to trim their trees one year in advance.  That’s right, all the carefully decorated, themed Christmas trees you see in the department stores were thought out and planned in November 2009 (and you thought Emily planned for the holidays super early!)

As a Merchandise Planner for a regional department store, I am currently working with a team of Buyers and Product Managers to plan the Christmas tree themes for 2011.  One of the first stages in planning out a theme for a Christmas tree is finding out “what’s hot” in 2010.  We analyze the best selling items at our own store, look for trends at the competition, and then pull together several themes based on our findings.  Here are a few trends and decorating ideas I have found while shopping this fall.

Traditional & Family Inspired

Place your favorite ornaments that you have collected over the years onto this tree and any handmade ornaments would fit right in. Add family pictures, ribbons, and rickrack to transform this Christmas tree into a family scrapbook.  This tree would also look great with a string of popcorn and cranberry garland.

Whimsical & Fun

Think Dr. Seuss.  This tree is a dream come true and can be a reflection of your own personal style.  Bright & colorful.  Weird animals.  Snowmen & Santa. Candy canes & gumdrops.  Anything goes!

Glamorous & Romantic

Trim this tree with white, silver, & gold ornaments.  Also, make sure there is glitter on everything.

Rustic & Woodland

Often is a mix of traditional red & green colored ornaments, pinecones, antler ornaments, and of course, cute little animals. Year after year, you can always count on Pottery Barn for a great little woodland creature ornament.  Many other retailers have followed suit with their own version of these little guys. 

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  1. Emily, this is so much fun!! You do such a great job with this blog. Very informative, yet enjoyable to read. Love, Jo Ann

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