Decorating Day 2010

Well, I’m proud to announce that Decorating Day was everything I’d ever hoped it’d be! Christmas spirit was high in all threetz of our hearts as we sang along to the holiday records and decked the halls. The greenery was first to go up. Then the icicle lights. I’ll admit my dinner buffet spread was classic and impressive- grassfed organic beef summer sausage, artisan cheese from Carmella’s, deviled eggs, spinach/artichoke dip, hummus, and stuffed mushrooms. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Maple had a blast tearing into everything she could get her busy hands on. She played santa hat peekaboo until she could no longer walk straight. Nick nacks and glitter galore, stockings on the fireplace, ornaments everywhere.

Reetz family bliss. Only two minor decoration casualties and one swear bomb. (Cover your Christmas ears, Maple.) After we finished the job and tucked the tiny into bed, the mood was both romantic and magical- romantical. Matt held me tightly as we basked in the warm glow sipping hot tea together.

“A job well done, dear.”

“Agreed. And it only took nine wonderful hours.”

“A mere workday.”

“A merry workday. I love you Reetz.”

“Right back at’cha. Merry Christmas Reetz.”

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