Decorating Day!

Its finally here. The day I’ve been looking forward to all my life- and especially since February 26th, when we closed on our house. Its Decorating Day at the Reetz’s first real home.

When I was a kid, Decorating Day was almost as exciting as Christmas itself. It marked the official beginning of the holiday season. We’d each choose a few of our favorite foods for the family buffet. It was usually quite a strange smorgasbord of goodies. I stuck by my summer sausage and deviled eggs year after year. My brother usually requested cookies. My mom would make this super sugary punch with juice concentrates and ginger ale. Then, we bring out the boxes and boxes of decorations. They were stored in the same cardboard U-Haul boxes my whole life. One by one, we’d pull them out, and ooh and aaahh over them. We’d snack and decorate all evening together- usually to Barbara Streisand’s or Kenny Rodger’s Christmas Album. When the last decorations had been hung, we’d turn off all the lights in the house and sit in a “train” by the light of the tree. We’d play I-Spy, tracing ornament shapes onto one another’s backs. These are some of the most precious memories I have of my mother and brother.

I’ve continued the Decorating Day tradition with my own family. We don’t listen to Barbara Striesand, or drink the sugary punch, but the warm fuzzy feeling is the same. We always shoot for the soonest night we have available after Oct. 31st. I’ve been cleaning and organizing our home all week, in anticipation. Yesterday, I prepped a delicious buffet- of course there will be sausage and deviled eggs. And tonight, when the man of the house finishes his homework, FA LA LA LA LA! We’ll begin decorating!

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