It Begins!

Phew! Now that Halloween is out of the way, I can come out of my Christmas closet and celebrate openly- with all the fervor and spirit I had been keeping inside for so long! What a relief! Today marks the beginning of the two most wonderful months of every year. For the entirety of the next 55 days, I’ll be humming holiday tunes, crafting gifts, and spreading 100% genuine Christmas cheer. Its about getting together, carrying on traditions, giving, and celebrating love and community- not to mention getting away with all sorts of ridiculousness in the name of ‘holiday’ (aka gawdy sweaters, flickering light displays, and endless sweets).  Its a time to take extra delight in the simplicities of life, like cutting out paper snowflakes, watching predictable classic movies, and sipping gingerbread lattes. Christmas always brings about a aire of nostalgia, a remembrance of childhood, merry memories, and falling in love. Ah yes, no wonder I’ve been looking forward to this for eight months! Merry Christmas everyone!!

One response to “It Begins!

  1. Em, you make xmas come alive with all your enthusiasm. I look forward to reading your blog daily. Great idea with the photos and album. We thought of you on Nov 1st, when Matt gives you the green light! Love you guys.

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